How to Dress to Make a Good Impression on Your First Date

There's a reason why you should want to make a good first impression. You attract what you put out. If you are seeking a classy professional man/ woman, present yourself as such.

So how to dress to make a good impression on your first date?

It could be difficult to decide what to wear. You don't want to make the wrong impression and you want to look attractive. Choose clothes that make you feel at your best, confident, happy, and comfortable. If you feel confident you will radiate confidence. Don't wear clothes just because it's your favorite color but also keep in mind which color looks good on you. Don't overdress or underdress, make sure to dress properly for the occasion.

It can be fun to invite a girlfriend to come over to help you select which clothes to wear but it can also be confusing if she doesn't have the same dressing style as you. You could end up dressed in a way that doesn't reflect your style. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself, your date will surely notice and that might be just the thing that makes him fall in love with you.

Smelling good will do well for you, it can make you feel attractive and confident. Scents trigger emotions and affect our mood. Use a modest amount of perfume. You don't want to asphyxiate your date with your fragrance, the poor man could faint. Instead, use just enough perfume to caress and seduce his senses subtly. Make him wish to get closer to you so he can enjoy your fragrance.

You can wear those sexy high heels shoes as long as you can walk in them. High heels shoes will make you look taller, give you a nice posture and make your legs look longer. But if you are not used to wearing high heels don't put them on your first date. It could make you look insecure, walk clumsy and you could even hurt your ankle; that's not the best scene for a successful date. Make the right choice. There are also shoes with small heels that might give you that sexy look. Can't find a shoe that fits the occasion and you are low on budget? What are friends for? Take a look at their shoe collection. They may have just what you need. Make sure the shoes fit you well and feel comfortable. It might have worked out for Cinderella to lose a shoe but it could spoil your date and make you feel embarrassed.

Wear your hair as much as possible in the way you usually do. It's fine to try to make it look nicer as long as it doesn't give your date a wrong impression of who you are. For the first date keep it simple and real, the same thing goes for your make-up.

Don't dress to impress. Dress to show your date the real you, to feel good about yourself, and to enjoy the moment. Be true to yourself, have fun, get to know your date, and allow him to get to know you. And if your date doesn't appreciate who you are, don't worry somebody else will.

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