Hot and Cold: How to Deal With Rich Men Who Act Like They Don't Care

Dating a rich man is the dream of many.

The glamorous lifestyle they lead, the opportunities for travel, the luxuries they can afford… What's there not to like?

While an undeniably appealing option, dating rich men is far from easy. After all, they have plenty of opportunities to meet all kinds of women, many of them young, beautiful and with riches of their own.

Because of this, rich men can be particularly complicated and act in a way that many people would describe as "hot and cold".

The reasons behind rich men acting like that are many, and it often changes from man to man, but in general, there are three very big reasons why it happens, and we'll cover said reasons in this article.

Why the Rich Men Act Hot and Cold

The most important thing you need to realize is that rich men are used to having their way. This means that, when relationships aren't going how they want them to go, they'll be tempted to leave.

This doesn't mean rich men like women that allow others to walk all over them. After all, they also enjoy the challenge that a confident woman can bring, but it does mean some expectations need to be fulfilled.

Such as…


Human beings enjoy feeling appreciated and rich men are no exception.

Rich men want to be loved and valued for who they are, not just for their money. There's plenty of people after their riches, so if you want to stand out make sure to care about the man himself, rather than what he can afford.

Show that you care about him, his hobbies, the things he does. Show that you appreciate everything he does for you and that being with him, be it in a luxurious hotel or the park, is what you value the most.

Women with Standards

Rich men are often able to be with any woman they want, which means they're attracted to women who stand out.

If he comes and goes as he pleases and you're always available to him, chances are he won't respect you and if he doesn't respect you, he won't be interested in having a relationship with you.

Be firm in your standards and don't act like just because they have money they can do anything to you. Have your own life and make them part of it, rather than changing everything about you just to get their attention.


Confident women are a turn on.

Many will tell you men appreciate women who are sexually confident, know what they want in bed and aren't afraid of showing it.

Truth is, men, enjoy that because confidence is easy, both inside and outside the bedroom.

Acting coy can have its benefits from time to time, but if you love yourself, if you truly enjoy yourself as a person, then you'll be automatically more attractive and that is something money can't buy.

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