Millionaire Men Prefer to Date Women with Less Money

Millionaire dating sites have become a very popular means for women to meet rich men. There are all sorts of women that use these sites ranging from rich and successful females through to the average woman with little or nothing in terms of assets or wealth. These millionaire dating sites have proven that rich men will not automatically go for women who are also wealthy and successful, with many preferring to get in touch with a woman who is not rich.

Why does this happen?

Of course, we all hear about rich celebrity men dating equally rich celebrity women but this is generally all about the social and career-related circles that they move in. With non-celebrity rich men, a woman with less money is an appealing choice for some different reasons. This includes:

  • Looking after someone: A survey carried out in 2013 showed that the majority of millionaire businessmen said that they would prefer a woman with less money because they wanted to be able to share their wealth with someone that was not as well off and to look after their partner financially as well as emotionally.
  • The breadwinner: Traditionally, men have always been considered the breadwinners and many men – particularly older men – still hold this value. By dating a woman as rich or richer than themselves, a man essentially strips himself of this title. However, by dating a woman with less money he can still be considered the breadwinner.
  • Family orientation: Many rich women are also successful in terms of their career, which means that they tend to have less of a focus when it comes to family life. Some rich men are keen to meet someone interested in having and raising a family rather than on her career and money.
  • Old fashioned pride: One other thing to consider is old fashioned male pride. Many millionaire men have worked very hard for their wealth and success and they are therefore loathed to then end up with a woman who is as financially strong or stronger than themselves. By finding a woman with less money, a rich man can feel not only proud of his achievements but also of the security and future he can provide for his partner and family.

These are just some of the reasons why so many millionaire men prefer to date a woman with less money rather than a rich female.

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