Pouring Through Rich Men Dating Sites Paid Off: Here Are 10 Tips for That First Date

Finding someone who has their head on straight with the financial means to provide stability and support can be a daunting task, to say the least. But after days of hanging out at the high-end malls and pouring through dozens of rich men dating sites, you've finally met Mr.Right. Now what? When you step out the door to go on that first date with a man-of-means, consider these 10 tips to help make the night unforgettable.

Short and Sweet

There's nothing worse than realizing 10 minutes into dinner and a movie that you're dating a "dud," and now you're stuck suffering through three hours with this guy. Keep plans for your first date short and simple. A quick lunch, a stroll through the park, or even just grabbing a hot chocolate can make for a perfect get-to-know-you date.

Be Interesting and Plan Interesting

Just because a guy has money, it doesn't mean he's high maintenance. If you're in charge of planning that first date, don't plan for a trip to Paris on his private jet. Make that first date fun, simple, and relatively inexpensive to show him that it's not all about the money.

Pretend He's Not Rich

The easiest way to make a good first impression is to show that you're interested in him, not his finances. Try pretending he's not rich. Treat him like a friend you've known for years, and it will be easy to have a good time and put your best foot forward.

Learn What His Passions Are

The whole point of a first date is to learn about each other, to find out if you're compatible, and to figure out if you even like each other enough to give a second date a try. Ask him questions about the things he likes to do in his free time. What drives him? What kinds of things is he passionate about? You can then spend the rest of the night focusing on those commonalities to make the evening's conversation flow easier.

Be Confident, Not Obnoxious

Rich men are often real go-getters. This means they can be extremely confident individuals and likely expect you to be the same. That being said, there can be a fine line between showing confidence and being overconfident. The Harvard Business Review suggests that overconfidence can tend to look more like obnoxiousness. An unpleasant attitude can show when we overthink things and try to be someone we're not. The best way to prevent overconfidence is to simply be yourself and just have fun.

Be Polite, Be Thoughtful, Be Thankful

If you're like me, you had a mother who spent years teaching you to be polite. Please and thank you go a long way toward showing you have class. Be thoughtful and consider your date's feelings when speaking. Show him you're a good listener by giving him a chance to speak. Be grateful when he helps you out of the car or holds the door for you and expect the same respect from him.

Offer to Pay

Although it's been shown that rich men tend to date women with less money, it doesn't necessarily mean they're looking for a charity case. This becomes even more important if you met your new man on rich men dating site. It can say a lot about you if you offer to pay, or at the very least, split the tab with him. It shows that you're not just in it for the money and that you want to have a long- term friendship that includes give-and-take from both sides.

Dreams Are Important, But They Change

Throughout the evening's conversation, you may find that there are plans and dreams he has that are not compatible with your own. Remember, plans change, and so do dreams. A first date is not the time to make snap decisions about whether or not he's marriage material.

It's true that rich or not if your goals and dreams don't line up, it could mean he's not the one. Whether or not to have children, religious standards, and where to live will eventually need to be discussed. But don't judge him too quickly if he doesn't want to leave his fortune 500 to help you weave baskets to sell on Etsy. What matters on that first date are things like "Is he looking for a fling or is he thinking long term?".

Start As Friends, Work Towards Soulmates

When dating a rich man, many of the normal first date faux pas still exist. Limit talking about things like the number of children you'd like to have, whether to get married in a church or on the beach, and whether or not raising chickens together is in your future. Aim to keep the conversation in the friend zone for the first date whenever possible.

First Impressions Aren't Always the Right Impressions

Sometimes a bad first date is just that, a bad first date, and although it can help to carefully review his profile on your rich men dating site, that will only tell you so much about him. That being said, keep in mind that even rich men can get nervous in the face of a beautiful woman. If things go well for the most part, but they're just weren't any sparks, why not consider a second date. Give him a chance to show you who he is during date number two when there's a little less pressure on both of you.

It's not wrong to want to live a life of financial security with someone you love. This is the goal most people strive towards. Just remember that the "someone you love" part is what will make you happy in the end. Rich men may come and go, but a rich love will last forever.

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